2024 Cheerleading

703 United Cheerleading offers a 5 week Mini Season in the spring. This season primarily focuses on cheer conditioning such as tumbling, jumps, motions cheers and chants and stunt execution.

Registration is 180.00

The Fall Cheer Season is approximately 12-14 weeks as we follow our Tackle Football teams and compete in competitions . Cheerleaders must be 5 years of age by September 1st.

Registration is 210.00


Cheerleaders must be 5 years of age by December 31 of the preceding year. 


Spring season is 5 weeks long, starting the second week of April and ending the second week of May. We will end the season with a showcase.


Practices are held outdoors at Saunders middle school. Cheerleaders will have an indoor option when the weather is permitting.


Practices are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 6pm till 7:30pm


Spring-cheerleaders will not participate in games, as this is a conditioning based season only.

Fall- games are on Saturdays. Cheerleaders are required to attend three home games and two away games.

Practice Attire/needs

  • Dress appropriately (t-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes, no jeans). 
  • For safety reasons, no jewelry should be worn - rings, bracelets, necklaces, hoop earrings, long nails. There will be no exception to this.
  • Hair must be pulled back and away from face.
  • No gum chewing or food.
  • Bring water bottle, emergency medicine (i.e., EpiPen or inhalers - please discuss with your coach)
  • yoga mat
  • athletic tennis shoes (closed toe only)
  • face cloth

Frequently Asked Questions

Extra Costs

Spring-unless parents want to buy additional 703 gear from the league store, there are no additional in season cost for spring season.

Fall- in-season cost for fall seasons are calculated prior to the season and relayed to parents at the start of the season. Competition team will have additional in-season cost.

Competition team

The competition team will compete in two or three competitions each fall season. Any cheerleader who wishes to join the competitive team is required to try out each season. There is a separate registration and in-season cost for the competitive team.

  • What is the Facebook page?

 Can be found by searching 703 United Cheerleading 

  • How often is practice?

Expect two OR three days a week (time, days will vary by coach) which will be determined and communicated by coaches during the last week of pre-season practice. Our current practice location is Coles Elementary. 

  • How long are practices?
  • Practices are usually 1 to 1.5 hours depending on coach/squad.

  • Is practice indoors or outside?

Practice is primary held outdoors but in the chance of inclement/cold weather, indoor options will be communicated.

  • How long is the cheer season?

- SPRING Cheer pre-season practices begin early April. This is a 5-week conditioning based season.

- Cheerleaders who participated in spring season will be invited back to march in the 4th of July dale city parade. 

- FALL Cheer pre-season practices late July. The first games generally begin mid-August and go through early November.

  • What time and what days are games?

 - SPRING Cheer: Spring season is a condition-based season, there is no sideline cheer. there will be a showcase of skill at the end of the season.                                                                                    

  -FALL Cheer: Games are on SATURDAY, times will vary – expect as early as 8 am arrival as late as 5 pm arrival. Our squads will cheer for different football teams each week as we have significantly more football teams than cheer squads. Games are 90 minutes.

  • How are squads determined?
  • Squad size is based on the number of cheerleaders registered in the program. Assignments are based on skill level and experience, Age, attention span, and ability to follow directions are heavily weighted factors. Any requests for siblings to be on the same squad are considered at the cheer director's discretion. 

  • Does each squad only cheer for one game?

No, the cheerleaders will cheer three home games and two away games.

 Where are the games?

Our home fields vary for both seasons, but games are typically at Saunders Middle School, Benton Middle School, or Independent Hill.

  • What do the cheerleaders wear when it gets cold? Do parents need to purchase jackets?

A custom warmup package is offered to parents for $100.00. Parents may also visit the 703 United shop to purchase a logo hoodie in black. This can be worn in addition to black leggings.

  • What items are parents responsible for?

Parents will be responsible to purchase all white, no show socks and all white cheer shoes. Style of shoe will be determined by each coach. Information of shoe styles will be given to parents during parent meeting at the start of the season.

  • Will everyone stunt?

The level of stunting is based on the coach's assessment of the squad skill level.

  • Is fundraising a requirement of participation?

Yes. As a community organization, success is based on the dedication and commitment of our parents and volunteers. In efforts to keep registration fees at an affordable level, we rely on fundraising as an essential component of our program. Fundraisers as a means to afford banquets and other niceties that the parents will otherwise have to pay for.

  • Once squads are assigned, how will we get all the coach information?

A notification will be sent electronically indicating squad assignments. The appropriate coaches will then be in contact.

  • Are there expectations of the parents at games? 
  • We ask parents:

 - Be sure cheerleaders arrive at the time designated by their coach.

 - Try to keep siblings at bay. 

 - Participate in crowd cheers.

 - Show off your 703 United spirit wear or league colors of red and black.

 - Be mindful and respectful of the area designated for the cheerleaders.

- Be positive examples of sportsmanship by encouraging and supporting 703 cheerleading without derisive or aggressive comments (booing, heckling) the opposing team.

  • Where can I get Spirit Wear?

  703 gear will be available at the concession stand (Warriors Wagon) during home games and also available on this website.

  • What is the refund policy?
  • If a written refund request is made prior to squad assignments, a 50% refund will be issued less an administrative fee. If a written refund request is made after squad assignments, no refund will be issued.
  •  - Registration cancellations should be sent to keionna.cheersportsgmail.com
  •  - Refund requests should be sent to cheer@703united.org

*Subject to Change

2024 Cheerleading Spring

703 United Cheerleading offers a Spring Cheerleading Program which is approximately 5 weeks and primarily focuses on cheer conditioning, Tumbling, and stunt execution. Registration will be open 1st week of February with practices beginning the second week of April. Cheerleaders must be 5 years of age by December 31 of the preceding year.

2024 Fall Season Cheerleading

The Fall Cheer Season is approximately 12-14 weeks as we follow our Tackle Football teams. Cheerleaders must be 5 years of age by September 1. A MANDATORY parents meeting will be held during the first week of practice to discuss the upcoming season, introduce coaches and answer any questions. the season extend into December as the competition team competes at three or more separate competitions. 

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