End of Regular Season, Let the Post Season Begin!

As the regular fall season comes to a close and we gear up for the exciting post-season, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to the incredible individuals who have made this season possible. From our Board of Directors, dedicated coaches, committee chairpersons, hardworking volunteers, supportive parents, and enthusiastic players and cheerleaders, your contributions have been invaluable. 


Photos have arrived. Photo distribution will be communicated through your Team Coordinators.

Post Season - Playoffs & Tournaments

Your coach and/or team coordinator will communicate your team's post season plans and end of year wrap up, which include but are not limited to: practice schedules, game/competition schedules, equipment hand-in procedures, and end of year team celebrations. 

Football playoffs

VAYFA Conference Playoffs begin this weekend. Playoffs VAYFA is currently updating and verifying all team standings from the regular season. While we have the locations, the game times will be communicated following the Conference coaches meeting tomorrow evening. We appreciate your patience, and will get this information out to you all as soon as the schedule is published. 

important playoff dates

VAYFA Conference Playoffs: October 21 & 22 (South County HS, Lorton, VA)
VAYFA Conference Championships: October 28 & 29 (South County HS, Lorton, VA)
VA State Tournament: November 3 - 5 (Lynchburg, VA)
Atlantic Regional Championship: November 10 - 12 (Maryland)
AYF National Championship: December 2 - 8 (Paradise Coast Sportsplex; Naples, FL)

Cheer competitions

Cheer will have its first post-season competition on November 15th. Stay tuned for more information!

This season has been a testament to teamwork, dedication and the love of youth sports. Let's carry this momentum into the post season and aim for even greater success. 

New league website

703 United Youth Sports has a new website! The web address is still the same, but overall website has been upgraded. To ensure we are able to maintain contact with our league families and affiliates, please be sure to visit https://www.703united.org and register a new family account.